Consulting is often a dirty word and more about time equals money than positive business results. Our belief is speed is of the essence, and carefully constructed strategies that leverage high-value networks are what really count.

In recent years, many new economy services have been developed and launched and it is clear that—like never before—speed to market can be a defining element in a company’s success. As new markets open up and globalization brings about the commoditisation of existing products and services, rapid market penetration becomes a defining element in achieving the scale required to underpin sustainability.

iMC2 offers plenty of experience and perspective

Market and business development resources are usually finite and applying them strategically to efficiently achieve sought after results requires perspective and experience. Sometimes, applying scarce resources to enter a new market is simply not worth doing and most business leaders would rather understand this in advance of making the investment.

Applying resources in a market and economy that is increasingly global and borderless invariably involves well-applied technology to afford reach and allow the delivery of value-adding services in profitable ways. The team at iMC2 believes that technology is in itself fascinating but even more exciting is the opportunity to use partner networks to accelerate commercial opportunities based on sound business models.

We are passionate about helping ambitious and innovative businesses

The iMC2 team is uniquely qualified to help client partners achieve strength through technology integration, strategic positioning, and value-adding market alliances. Described as intellectual capitalists in the new economy, our mission is to apply our perspectives, skills and passion to help ambitious, innovative businesses target and capture returns from well-applied technology-based business models.

Specifically, the iMC2 team can offer client organizations:

    •    broad perspective and practical hands-on experience in a variety of industries
    •    strong marketing and branding expertise
    •    well-developed research and analysis skills
    •    strategic and business planning expertise
    •    business development and practiced commercial negotiation skills
    •    an international, value-adding network of professional relationships
    •    cross-border new market penetration experience
    •    capital-raising skills and contacts
    •    experience with intellectual property protection

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