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"We are strategic marketing and business development professionals who think entrepreneurially, understand the challenges of international market penetration, and know how important 'speed to market' really is"

iMC2 is a hands-on international business development and strategic marketing consultancy with an enduring interest in ICT products and services.

Our no-nonsense emphasis on strategy and progress is encapsulated in our brand byline "when speed to market counts".

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, a country renowned for innovation and creative thinking, iMC2 has a long history of technology commercialisation and development, both here and overseas. Our approach is entrepreneurial, and underpinned by years of hands-on project experience in a diverse range of sectors including financial services, leisure and tourism, education, horticulture, transport, manufacturing, business process improvement, defense, secure intelligence, oil and gas exploration, telecommunications, retail, media, and local and national government. Many of our projects were referred, or co-funded, through economic development agencies such as NZ Trade & Enterprise and TechnologyNZ.

iMC2 actively seeks value-adding alliances - alliances with providers of growth capital and alliances with ambitious organizations that have a well-designed product or service that can underpin rapid growth with the right business model and market reach. iMC2 believes that committed and flexible leadership within our partner organizations is a prerequisite to great outcomes and enormous synergy is possible where alliances are founded on shared objectives, transparency, and trust.

We view clients as partners and our overarching objective is to clarify and articulate a strategic vision that can lead to demonstrable growth and greater profitability. We then apply our considerable perspective, skills, networks, and experience in both business and technology to achieve worthwhile market results.

Our approach is entrepreneurial, we know the difference between talk and walk, and we do have global reach.

If this is the kind of people you'd prefer to deal with then don't hesitate to give us a call!
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